Lecture Theaters


Dr. Sudhir Kumar Gupta - Professor and Head of Community Medicine

The Audio-visual Facilities Available

  • Lecture Theater - Five, with all audiovisual facilities. 3(180) + 1(350) + 1(200)
    Three lecture halls are with a seating capacity of 180 each and one with 350 seating capacity. All are provided with a side room and a projection room.
  • Examination Hall 2X250 Seats, Auditorium 750 Seats.
  • Lecture theatres are also used for guest lectures, clinical meetings, debates and quiz contests, conferences/seminars/workshops, and cultural activities including film shows.
  • Audio amplifying system including audio mixers and speakers with cord and cordless mikes (collar & hand mikes).
  • Audio recording and playing facilities.
  • Projection facilities including motorized screens, overhead projectors, LCD projectors, DVD player and laptops for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Electronic cable connection with cameras between the surgical operation theatre of the hospital and the lecture theatre for direct interactive audio-visual transmission of surgeries to the audience in the lecture theatre.
  • 16 mm movie projection facilities for film shows.
  • Epidiascopes for projections from books.
  • V.C.R. facilities.
  • Telemedicine facility for video-conferencing. It can be linked to several institutions as well as to our primary health centres and is useful for academic, research and health services.